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Tricia Becker Weiner

Inspired by fire and earth

I have been fascinated with gems and gemstones since I began collecting rocks as a child, an interest that led me to travel around the USA, to India and South East Asia to meet and learn from world-renowned gem cutters and jewelers. Now I create elegant silver, gold, palladium and platinum jewelry for the extraordinary gems that inspire my imagination at my studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Each piece I make is influenced by my deep appreciation for nature, the quality and phenomena of gemstones combined with my extensive study of metalsmithing and jewelry design.

By enhancing the inherent beauty of each stone and manipulating metal to add new details inspired by textures found in nature, I create pieces that reveal multiple layers of interest and ensure delight to the wearer. Because I approach my work with integrity, precision, and the care of a skilled artisan, each of my creations is as unique as its owner.

Engagement, wedding, and high-fashion rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are often forged to order, a collaboration between artist and client. In addition to custom orders, my offerings include full repair service and restoration of antique jewelry. By replacing missing or damaged stones, polishing or refining worn metals, hammering or reforming metals, then re-setting gemstones into entirely new pieces, I am able to bring new life to aging jewelry.

In my hands elegance and beauty become comfortable to wear, destined to be treasured for generations to come.

T.Becker originals can be found at select Bay Area art fairs, in my shop at Etsy, and at special jewelry events at Triangle Area Arts and Crafts Shows. I also am teaching advanced stone setting and setting fabrication at a brand new state of the art jewelry studio and school in Hillsborough, NC, http://www.oqzo-metalsmith.com/

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Tricia (Becker) Weiner